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McGraw-Hill Construction, the premier provider of construction analysis, forecasts and trends.

Make the right business decisions with information you can trust. Use McGraw-Hill Construction services as a foundation to reduce your risk in major business decisions and to plan for the future. Our expert staff is comprised of leading industry economists who maintain and analyze detailed historical and forecast databases of construction activity. After consulting with you to understand your organizationís unique needs, a custom solution providing relevant, insightful information is proposed that can give you an even greater competitive edge. You can also purchase many of these services online right now.

Primary McGraw-Hill Construction Analytics Users:

Manufacturers monitoring specification levels of their products, general economic trends and specific local market opportunities.

Wholesalers and Distributors requiring forecast and trend data for strategic planning.

Large General Contractors, Owners and Developers performing site location analysis, and to assess market trends.

Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Professionals gauging exposure risks and overbuilt markets while improving due diligence efforts.

Fast facts on market trends, plus at-a-glance lists of top construction markets. Check out our latest press releases from our team of economists and statisticians too.

In-depth, comprehensive market trend services are also available and can be purchased now. Historical reviews give you up-to-date snapshots of construction start data. Forecasting services let you properly plan for the future by compiling economic, demographic and building data in easy-to-use report format. more>>>

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Historical Snapshots
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Powerful, easy-to-use tools for the construction professional to strategically plan, evaluate performance, assess risk and prepare accurate forecasts. You can even add your own company's sales and product information. A wide range of delivery formats is available. more>>>

 Historical Construction Activity
 Construction Forecast
 Residential Building Product Usage
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 Building Inventory
 Market Analysis Software
Find out who specifies you. Find out who doesn’t specify you. Develop game plans and strategies in order to hold spec. See who the players are in the markets you operate in – and in markets you want to expand into. These analysis services will help keep your product moving to the projects in process and identify the architects, owners and developers who influence these critical decisions. more>>>

  Specification Analysis Tools
  Players - Learn Who the Decision Makers Are
  Lead Qualification
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